An interesting thought…?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stint as unofficial envoy to Syria poses an interesting thought – does this set the precedent to undermine executive power in affairs of Foreign Policy? Or has there ever been a similar situation in which members of an alternate party undercut Presidential authority by means of Congressional delegation?

I can imagine a scenario where a lame duck President whose Foreign Policies have been utterly useless is rendered completely irrelevant by the brokering of some deal or diplomatic coup d’etat by members of Congress acting on their own whim and accord.

Another reason to not just blindly tow the line and support the leader’s of your preferred Party – Bush has done more to damage the Republican Party than any Liberal could have achieved, and more reason to support moderate, reasonable Conservatives (more on this in another post to come…)


2 responses to “An interesting thought…?

  1. i am commenting about the don imus comment you put up all i have to say is that you obviously not black because if you were you would have a hole different view point if you were black you would know everything a black person has to go through in their every day life and relize why what he said is so wrong and i am not looking for pitty just common sence.

  2. I want us to bridge divides in this country, especially regarding race. I have counted many wonderful Black people as close friends in my life, and hold this issue close to my heart.
    But we need to call out Sharpton and Jackson for their hypocrisies, and we need to also draw attention to the casual use of ‘ghetto’ language in everyday use – this will benefit all people if we can raise the bar and speak with a language of respect, intelligence and eloquence – not degrading slang. Does this make sense?

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