Some Dennis Miller on Bill O’ Reilly posts

Some Dennis Miller on Bill O’ Reilly posts – some are a little dated, but good nonetheless.


Yet another reason to love Giuliani

Great story on Yahoo News about Giuliani’s early days as a true crime fighter.

Imus utterance – just speaking the language of the day

The recent uproar over the ‘Imus nappy headed ho’ comment has generated a lot of buzz. I commented over at on this issue, but what I believe we have here is an example of ‘Ghetto Nation’.

Imus states that he ‘wasn’t thinking racial’ when he uttered the now infamous phrase, and I believe him. Because a phrase like ‘nappy headed ho’ has entered the common vernacular, through it’s use in popular rap music, comedy and mass media. It really just rolled off his tongue.

And of course any rational intelligent soul knows that Sharpton, Jackson and the like will jump on any Publicity Train to serve their own self interests. What horrible specimens of elder statesmen, they really are an embarrassment and have done nothing to improve race relations or the African American community -but I bet they do pretty well for themselves.

If they are going to demand that Imus lose his job over this, I believe they should also protest any time Ludacris, 50-Cent or any ‘gangsta’ rap artist release an album, and demand that their respective labels drop them from their roster. The vile base mentality that they spew from their music (along with any ‘gangta rap artist’) has done more to erode common decency in popular culture than just about anything in the last 2 decades. It’s time to steer the ship around.

And as far as the Imus vs. Michael Richards thing goes, I believe Richards’ rant was truly angry, bitter and from a place of latent bigotry. Imus was just speaking the common tongue of modern American culture.

Let’s hope we can steer the Big Ship around folks, and reclaim some dignity for the greater good of society – let’s leave the ‘Ghetto speak’ behind -that means you too, ‘Phity-Cent’.

1 strike and you’re out

Another reason why we need a ‘1 strike and you’re out’ law.

Children of America – read a book / learn something, please!

This says it all – American’s need to wake up and get smart, literally. Our kids need to stop watching ‘The Hills’ and read a book or two.

Ghetto Nation -It’s real

Cora Daniels has written a fascinating book on something that many of us have felt at the corners of our consciousness or discussed among friends but have not labeled so succinctly – the ‘Gehetto-ization’ of our society and it’s negative impact on our culture.

From the Barbie Bandits to the pot smoking toddlers or even worse the violent murders plagueing our cities, you see the embracing of the Ghetto mindset across racial and class lines.

Finding it’s way into our culture through the mass media and spear-headed by Gansta rap, it has propelled people to mass fame and fortune, payed for old rich white guy’s mansions in Malibu, and corroded the moral compass of a generation.

To quote her website, “These days, ghetto no longer refers to where you live, but to how you live. It is a mindset. And a mindset is not limited to a class or a race.”

Finding a way to reverse this trend is one of the great moral imperatives of our time and I hope more people open their eyes to what is happening.

I hope Oprah picks up on this book, it is that poignant.

An interesting thought…?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stint as unofficial envoy to Syria poses an interesting thought – does this set the precedent to undermine executive power in affairs of Foreign Policy? Or has there ever been a similar situation in which members of an alternate party undercut Presidential authority by means of Congressional delegation?

I can imagine a scenario where a lame duck President whose Foreign Policies have been utterly useless is rendered completely irrelevant by the brokering of some deal or diplomatic coup d’etat by members of Congress acting on their own whim and accord.

Another reason to not just blindly tow the line and support the leader’s of your preferred Party – Bush has done more to damage the Republican Party than any Liberal could have achieved, and more reason to support moderate, reasonable Conservatives (more on this in another post to come…)